Year 6 – 8

Prep Phase for students aged 10 – 13

The Prep curriculum allows students to try a wide range of subjects with the aim of developing an understanding of which subjects they have the strongest interest and aptitude in which will then be a basis for success higher up the school. This includes Maths, Science, Mandarin, China Studies, English, Art, Music, Drama, History, Geography, Spanish, DT, PE and Computing. During the Prep Phase there is also an emphasis on students developing study skills which will allow them to succeed as they move up the school. Developing digital literacy is also a key area of the curriculum at Prep, and alongside formal computing lessons, as a school we have a Bring your Own Device policy to ensure students can develop as digital citizens across the academic curriculum. Students also all take part in the holistics programme as part of close personal tutoring at Harrow which is designed to allow them to explore and develop an understanding of the broader issues focused around their personal, social and emotional needs.

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