Year 9 – 11

Senior Phase for students aged 13 – 16

In Years 9-11 students prepare for GCSE exams. The GCSE curriculum is designed to allow us to secure the best outcomes for students considering their interests and talents and producing an ambitious and achievable plan for individual success. All students take Maths, Mandarin, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They can also take up to three of the following: Art, Business Studies, Computing, Design Technology, Drama, Economics, GCSE PE, Geography, History, Music and Spanish. Students also all take part in the holistics programme as part of close personal tutoring at Harrow which is designed to allow them to explore and develop an understanding of the broader issues focused around their personal, social and emotional needs.

Careers Programme

In the face of the unprecedented pace of change worldwide with the advent of information technology and explosive growth of knowledge, our education system aims to develop students’ knowledge, adaptability, creativity, independent thinking and life-long learning capabilities. This helps support students to be better prepared to make informed, responsible choices and thus be able to make the best of the opportunities ahead. With this in mind, we have introduced a career guidance programme for Y9 – Y12 in our Holistic Studies programme. This involves careers assessment, career and life planning, career education and career guidance. In Year 9 and Year 10, the Careers Programme is all about exploring the subjects, and the activities students enjoy doing. In Year 11, students are guided through choosing their A Level subjects and building on critical skills such as time management. In Year 12, students begin to focus their thoughts on what university and country they wish to attend. This is overseen by the Director of Sixth Form and the University and Careers Guidance Team.

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