Harrow Beijing provides an extensive Sports Programme which, in line with the School’s tradition of providing a broad and holistic education, supports our students’ mental, emotional, physical and social well-being. Our school values of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship form the core of our sporting philosophy. We encourage all of our students to be physically active.

House Sports

Our students participate in a range of inter-House sports competitions throughout the academic year. These include:

  • Sports days – a variety of traditional sports day events and team building activities.
  • Harrow Ducker – a running event which originates from Harrow School London.
  • Termly House Sports competitions – this includes Football, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Ultimate Frisbee and more.

Sports Programme

We offer our students a range of opportunities to experience both team and individual sports through our curricular and extra-curricular programmes. Our aim is to promote achievement, progress and excellence, whilst fostering the development of self confidence in every child.

Competitive Sports

Our sports teams participate in regional, national and international competitions through the following organisations:

  • JISAC – Junior International Schools Athletic Conference
  • ISAC – International Schools Athletic Conference
  • ACAMIS – All China and Mongolia International Schools
  • FOBISIA – Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Leadership in Sports

The sport department encourages our students to develop their leadership skills by providing them with opportunities to lead and support with House sports events, coaching sports teams, as well as refereeing when we are hosting sports fixtures and competitions.

Friday Fitness

At Harrow Beijing we understand the importance of being physically active and the link it has to academic achievement.

Physically active students and higher fitness levels are associated with improved cognitive performance (e.g. concentration and memory) which leads to better academic grades.

Students may be inactive for long periods of time whilst diligently studying, so we have incorporated some morning physical exercise for all students to recognise the importance of being physically active.

Morning physical activities have been a success amongst both students and staff. Following a set physical activity routine, the staff and students have engaged in the event with enthusiasm and with smiles on their faces. Many have commented that the event makes them feel ‘energised’ and ready for their working day.

Harrow Beijing will continue to incorporate morning exercise into a school routine. The advantages associated with being physically active during a day of learning will only be of benefit to our students.

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