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At Harrow Beijing, each graduate is a unique chapter in the school’s history. Harrow Beijing maintains close attention to these outstanding Harrovians, maintaining strong connections with them and actively providing support for their personal development. The footsteps of Harrow alumni span across leading institutions worldwide, forming a high-quality network that continuously supports their life journeys. The rich experiences of these alumni also serve as valuable lessons for current students to draw inspiration from.

Recently, Harrow Beijing organized an alumni sharing session where 12 graduates from the Class of 2023 returned to the school. They engaged in discussions with current students, sharing their experiences and insights on academic pursuits, life, social interactions, and leadership development. This lateral exchange opportunity proved highly beneficial for current students, bridging the gap among Harrovians, fostering a tighter Harrow community, and passing down the school’s culture and values.

The graduate guests included Dora who now studies Geography at the University College London, Vovo who studies Chemistry at the University of Oxford and many other outstanding allumni. Thomas who studies Computer Science at Cornell University said that because he had studied linear A Levels here at Harrow, Cornell University had offered him extra credits and he was able to miss out some of the modules from Year 1 of his course, as he had already covered the content as part of his A Level studies. Meanwhile, Myryl who studies Psychology at Lewis and Clark University (USA) spoke about how her experience as a student leader at Harrow had enabled her to successfully apply for a scholarship, as she was able to give real life examples of her well developed leadership, teamwork, fellowship and communication skills during the application process. 

In this event, we also had conversations with three alumni, allowing them to share their firsthand experiences and insights on entering university!

Arina L

King’s College London

Digital Media and Culture

Sherry Y

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Cultural Studies

Dora L

University College London


First Impressions of University Life

@Arina: At university for the first time was quite nerve-wracking. It meant adapting to a new environment, getting to know new classmates and professors, and socializing in a foreign country while quickly assimilating into the local lifestyle and culture. Initially, it was a bit challenging for me, but as I made an effort to integrate, I discovered that university life is surprisingly liberating. However, the catch is that everything relies on your own initiative. Another noteworthy aspect that left a lasting impression on me is that in university, learning is entirely driven by one’s own motivation and conscientiousness. If you want to take responsibility for your grades and life, effective time management is a must.

@Dora: In university, a significant portion of learning relies on self-study, as teacher may not cover all assignment details during lecture, necessitating independent research. Additionally, some assignments are given well in advance, requiring effective time management to complete them. It is challenging to accomplish tasks if one only starts working on them just before the deadline.

@Sherry:University life is interesting and requires time to adapt. Stepping into university marks the beginning of a new journey, and the diverse activities on campus have allowed me to make many new friends.

The Impact of Harrow Beijing Experience 

on University Life

@Dora: After entering university, I clearly felt the benefits of the Harrow Beijing education system. Apart from the notable advantage in English language proficiency, the internationalized educational environment at Harrow Beijing helped me adapt early to life and study pace in foreign universities. It also exposed me to British lifestyle and culture in advance. The school’s clubs and sports education were significant in providing me with opportunities to learn various sports skills and extend into university clubs, which also benefited my social life.

@Sherry:In university, there are many projects that require collaboration within a group, which necessitates close communication with classmates and teachers. Harrow Beijing emphasizes the cultivation of leadership and encourages students to express their ideas, providing various opportunities for teamwork to develop this skill, which proves beneficial in adapting to the learning patterns in university.

@Arina: Harrow Beijing’s cultivation of leadership has helped us develop an outgoing personality, allowing our individuality to flourish without suppression. The diverse activities at Harrow Beijing encourage us to open up, and the use of English as the primary language facilitates seamless communication abroad. The teachers at Harrow are highly responsible, aiming to assist students in achieving the best results. They encourage students to meet academic requirements, fostering our drive for improvement and self-management skills that will serve us well in university.

The Connection Between A Level Courses and University Major

@Sherry:In the A Level stage, I studied Geography, Economics, and Art. These courses laid the foundation for my university studies and also allowed me to exempt some credits at university. The knowledge gained in A Level is closely related to the content of my university major, which has helped me better understand the material covered in university classrooms.

@Arina: It’s been incredibly helpful. At Harrow, I had Media Studies for A Level, and from what I understand, many international schools don’t offer this course. In university, I’ve noticed that some of the theories and knowledge covered align with what I studied in A Level. When encountering certain concepts, I find myself more adept. A Level makes it relatively easier for me to navigate university courses, as I don’t have to start from scratch. I’m truly grateful to Harrow Beijing for offering this course!

@Dora: My current major is Geography, and having studied Geography at the A Levels has been tremendously beneficial for me. In my opinion, the university’s geography courses build upon the foundation laid during A Level Geography. If someone hasn’t studied A Level Geography, they might find it a bit challenging, as there could be a need to catch up on many concepts and topics. The Geography teachers at Harrow Beijing emphasized our research skills, which has proven immensely helpful when it comes to writing papers in university.

For our younger peers, I would like to say –

@Arina: Starting university is like a fresh beginning, and I hope younger students can adapt quickly. Every aspect of university life is a new experience. In London, there are challenges in various aspects. It’s crucial for everyone to learn how to protect themselves. It’s essential to allocate time wisely between studying and socializing, achieving a balance between work and leisure, and fully enjoying the richness of university life.

@Dora: Time managing is crucial. It’s important to complete assignments well in advance to avoid accumulating stress as deadlines approach. Reading materials should be tackled promptly, as they prove beneficial for assignments. Additionally, learning to cook and cultivating hobbies can make life more fulfilling.

@Sherry:In addition to academics, one major challenge during the university stage is the need to live independently. Therefore, one must learn to manage oneself in various aspects. It is essential to be mentally prepared for this before going abroad.

We are delighted to see alumni from previous years providing valuable advice and wholeheartedly supporting their younger peers. As the event concludes, teachers from Harrow Beijing also shared their blessings and expectations for the alumni, encouraging them to uphold Harrow’s core values of Courage, Honor, Humility, and Fellowship as they continue to climb new heights in their future endeavors.

Wishing all Harrow students great success and a bright future!

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